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Welcome to the rOpenSci drat repository. This repository contains the latest nightly builds from the master branch of all rOpenSci packages currently on GitHub, along with the development versions of common dependencies, which include many packages from Hadley Wickham.

This allows users to install development versions of our software without specialized functions such as install_github(), allows dependencies not hosted on CRAN to still be resolved automatically, and permits the use of update.packages().

Quick Start

To use, simply add to your existing list of R repos, such as:

options(repos = c("", getOption("repos"))

(If you don't have any default CRAN mirrors selected yet by getOption("repos"), you may want to add one now). You can also include this line in specific install.packages() requests:

install.packages("taxize", repos = c("", ""))


This is made possible by the excellent tools provided in Dirk Eddelbuettel's drat package and Rich FitzJohn's drat.builder. Nightly builds are performed using CircleCi and packages are served through an Amazon S3 static site. Configuration details and scripts necessary for this can be found in our GitHub repo, ropensci/drat. The list of rOpenSci packages included in on the nightly builds of this repository is automatically generated using ropensci/ropkgs. Once a package has been onboarded to our domain, there is no need to manually add it here to ensure it is included and updated. The list of third-party packages provided by this repo is found in packages.txt.

This includes the following files:

Please report any issues here.

License: BSD-2

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